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A new silo for the future

This September we started building a new silo in Fontenoy. This 80.000 tons silo will let us store a maximum quantity of sugar of 126.000 tons on this site. If everything goes according to plan, it will be ready within a year.

Investing for tomorrow

Keeping in mind our goal to become carbon neutral by 2030, this new silo will directly help us reducing our emissions. Frasnes is indeed 25km away from Fontenoy and does not produce any sugar anymore. Anything that leaves this site has first to be transferred there by truck. When our new silo will be active, we will reduce our transports between the two iscal sites and therefore consume way less fuel than we do today.

But also for today

Together with our Frasnes site that is a stock and transformation site, we currently have a 94.000 t capacity. Almost doubling this will help us on a day-to-day basis to handle our stock directly where we produce our sugar. This will mean less traffic on our Fontenoy site, always welcome on a security aspect, and a better flexibility when in peak production.

By Brieuc


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