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Iscal, the Fontenoy
sugar factory

Sugar calendar

15 Sept – 15 Jan:

Beet harvest and transformation to sugar

15 Jan – 15 March:

Maintenance and upgrading of facilities

15 March – 31 May:
Mini campagne

Refining the last of the syrup from the campaign

1 June -30 June:
Organic refining

Refining organic cane sugar

1 July – 15 Sept:

Maintenance, training and beet monitoring

01 / 05

A major stakeholder of the sugar industry in Western Europe

Iscal plays an important role as a supplier of products necessary to the effective functioning of the Belgian and international food industry.

100% Belgian

1/4 of Belgian sugar is produced by Iscal. Do you want to take part in this adventure by working for us?

Join our team of 170 employees!

A sustainable strategy

Iscal combines ethics, sustainable development, and economic interests. We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, among which we have selected six major action levers.

Our products


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