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social responsibility

Iscal combines ethics, sustainable development, and economic interests

Open letter from our CEO

At Iscal, our CSR strategy grew quite naturally to become one of the cornerstones of our company. In our capacity as suppliers of raw materials, we have a role that is impactful to many other companies and individuals, whom we are trying to involve with us in this virtuous circle.

From our fields, where sustainable farming practices are implemented, all the way to your plate, so you may enjoy a balanced diet, without forgetting proper energy practices, which we are constantly making cleaner by moving towards a ‘zero carbon balance’, Iscal is committed to working on all fronts. Internally, our values help us ensure all our team members are able to grow so that each one of our employees is happy to come to work at Iscal every day.

By giving back to society what it has given us, we want to contribute to a greener, more humane, more sustainable world… a better world.

Robert Torck

The purpose of Iscal is the production of sugar. But this age-old mission is driven by our values, our commitment to our work, and our vision.

CSR report

CSR report 2023-2024

CSR report 2022-2023

CSR report 2021-2022

Acting today

Far from merely being content with our compliance with European rules, we work every day to exceed your expectations and to create a better world for tomorrow.

Iscal is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the United Nations to better rise to the challenges of our society.

The six sustainable development objectives selected below are the ones the activities of the Iscal group can impact in a meaningful way.


Clean Water
and Sanitation

Clean water and sanitation

Every year, approximately 1 million cubic meters of water from beets is collected and reused in the production process.


Affordable and
Clean Energy

Affordable and clean energy

Our factory is 100% self-sufficient in terms of energy during our campaigns, relying on a production of 10% of biogases derived from our beets.


Decent Work and
Economic Growth

Decent work and Economic growth

Farmers are paid fair wages. The price of sugar is determined by unions that defend the interests of farmers and comes under review every two years.


Decent Work and
Economic Growth

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Less CO2 emissions thanks to the building of a new and larger storage silo in order to reduce transport to another storage site.


Affordable and
Clean Energy

Sustainable consumption and production

99 % of our beet production is recycled with the creation of co-products (pulp, scum, molasses)



Measures implemented to fight climate change

At Iscal, we limit our CO2 emissions associated with transport. Our beets only travel 65 kilometres on average.

To reduce its ecological footprint and positively impact both our society and our environment, Iscal has based its CSR strategy on three pillars

Sustainable production

Nearly all of the agricultural raw materials used in Iscal’s production process are directly sourced.

To rise to the climate challenges we are currently facing, we strive, all along our production chain, to reduce to a minimum the ecological footprint of our activities, with the ambition of creating sustainable and climatic performance, for the success of our activities and the wellbeing of the environment.

Local economy

All of our activities play a major role in the revitalization of the territories where we operate, with a specific impact on farming, industry, and logistics. In parallel, Iscal is committed to developing qualified jobs, thereby contributing to social and economic development. The Group also makes sure that each of its employees enjoys personal development opportunities, in the best possible conditions.

Our community

True to our vision and our values, we keep a watchful eye on our social contributions. Far from working in a vacuum, we are happy to get involved with topics, issues, and problems that are greater than us. Within our walls or externally, Iscal plays an active role in our society and is committed to the wellbeing of our communities.

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