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Our community

Bringing together, sharing, and learning. These are the keywords Iscal constantly has in mind for every partnership we initiate.


Internally, we focus on our teams and employees. As the people who are the most impacted by each of our decisions, our employees are at the heart of every one of them and remain our greatest priority.

We place huge importance on the safety of our site to ensure all of our employees’ wellbeing. Training is also is an immense part of our daily lives. These two points of focus always come up during our safety day, during which our staff stops work for the day and learns different safety-related activities.

Our external policy is also rooted in our internal forces because our actions all stem from suggestions made by our employees, during or after co-creation workshops where each staff member has the opportunity to take part in the life of our company.

Uniting, sharing, and learning.

We have these keywords in mind in Iscal’s approach to all its partnerships. Whom do we support and why?

With our different sites in Hainaut, we support and sponsor various projects reflecting our long-term social, cultural, and sporting commitment in the region.

  • Sponsoring the youth football teams of the Pays-Blanc d’Antoing football club
  • Collaboration with the foodbank of Tournai
  • Industry tour: our doors are always wide open so that we can share our know-how with all audiences.

Does your project align with our philosophy?

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