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Extra green energy

Always striving for a more sustainable process, we are investing in a new biogas installation. This investment is one more step in direction of our carbon neutral goal as well as a way to become more energy self-sufficient.

6.000 tons of waste each year

We receive around 1.200.000 tons of beets each year during our campaign. Half a percent of this never makes it into our process. These are pieces of leaves, grass of tiny bits of beets. So far, we stored them and farmers coming to deliver beets could leave with these residues to use them for various purposes.

Keeping our SDG’s in mind

Alongside our new silo, this is the second project that iscal invests in 2021. In the pipeline for years and signed in early 2021, we are glad to invest in such a project. Energy costs have indeed increased for us more than two fold this year (Read an article about it in ‘De Standaard’). This new biogas installation will be running by 2022 and will provide us with a steady stream of biogas during the campaign. This is thus not only an economic choice but also an investment in line with our CSR strategy and the seventh Sustainable Development Goal (Affordable and Clean Energy) that is core to our vision.

By Brieuc


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