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Invest in your teams

We have nearly 130 employees at iscal. For the past year, we have organized team seminars in order to discuss the future of our company together. Well-being, production, environment, all subjects were discussed.

Building together

Respect, excellence, commitment, our three values ​​have always had a central role in each of the eight different seminars. The idea was simple: identify, together, the points of improvement in our company, both generally and personally, and then take initiatives in groups to change things, each in their own way.

The projects launched are varied but two common objectives are found in each of them:

  • Improve our working days or our way of working
  • Create links between the teams as some collaborators who do not regularly work together

By counting on our teams’ willingness to undertake big projects and their specific skills acquired throughout their careers, we hope to continue to move iscal forward in the best possible direction.

Total transparency

To conclude these seminars, we organized a plenary session bringing together all the teams to present each other’s progress. Obviously, this seminar taking place at the end of our two production cycles, it was also an opportunity for Robert Torck (CEO) to take stock of the past year and those to come. Virginie Naessens (HRD) then took the floor to present various points of action related to personnel as well as to highlight our colleagues who have retired. Finally, it was around a drink that everyone was able to meet and end this cycle in style!

By Brieuc


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