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Soft mobility is coming to iscal

70% of our employees live less than 20 km from their workplace. Based on this observation, an internal iscal working group designed a plan to promote soft mobility. After a selection process, we chose to work with B2Bike, a Belgian company that is the market leader in bicycle leasing for companies.

A model with a Belgian touch?

It is now possible for employees to invest in a bike worth up to €4,000 to be purchased in a shop near their home. Via a financial arrangement made possible by Belgian legislation, our employees will only have to pay 50% of the total amount out of their own pockets… a great deal!

This initiative, although common in Flanders, is quite innovative in Wallonia. Our employees were able to participate in an information session on 7 March and had the opportunity to test various models of bicycle. The project has been launched and we invite you to follow it in the pages of our next CSR report 2022-2023.

By Brieuc


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