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Towards energy autonomy: inauguration of our new wind turbine

This Thursday, October 11th, marked a significant moment in our journey at iscal, with the honor of welcoming Thomas Dermine, Secretary of State for Recovery, for the inauguration of our latest investments. Besides our two digesters, the star of the day was undoubtedly our new 3.6MW wind turbine.

100% energy autonomy

Our wind turbine, representing a 5 million euro investment, generates an average annual power of 0.8 MW, equivalent to a total energy of 7,000 MWh/year, approximately the consumption of 2,000 Belgian households. Its integration into our electrical system now allows us to no longer depend on the external power grid and even redistribute the surplus (45%) to our neighbors. Thus, our electric mix now consists of 23,000 MWh produced by our boiler and 4,000 MWh by our wind turbine. Regarding the remaining 3,000 MWh, our goal is to continue innovating within our sugar refinery by electrifying certain tools. This initiative will enable us to fully exploit the capacity of our wind turbine.

20% biogas

Our boiler, producing 180,000 MWh per year, plays a crucial role in our energy supply. Out of this quantity, 23,000 MWh is converted into electricity, while the remaining 160,000 MWh is injected as steam into our factory, mainly for evaporation processes. We recently enhanced this installation by replacing our two burners (costing 2 million euros) and launching our second digester (costing 1.5 million euros). Each of these digesters is supplied with production from 10,000 tons of beet residues. The resulting gas, combined with that from our sewage treatment plant, now allows us to achieve 20% biogas in our energy mix used in our boiler.

40 million euros of upcoming investments

Not content with already having two operational digesters, our goal is to continue investing in this technology by adding four new digesters. This will bring us to 40% biogas in our energy mix, marking a significant step in our decarbonization strategy. Putting all our investments into perspective, we plan to spend 40 million euros by 2030 to achieve carbon neutrality.

Aftermovie of the event

By Brieuc


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