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Our first CSR report

For the first time in the existence of iscal, we have published another official document than our annual financial report: a CSR report. The objective of this file is to compile all our various social and environmental initiatives in order to give an overall view of the state of our company.

CSR, a still little-known meaning

CSR, these 3 letters appear more and more in our daily lives. They can mean Common Sense Revolution or Center for Scientific Review but more often they mean Corporate Social Responsibility. Concretely, the Belgian government defines this theme as a continuous process of improvement, in which companies incorporate social, environmental and economic considerations into the overall management of the company in a voluntary, systematic and coherent way.

CSR at iscal

Circular economy, financial balance, ecological improvement, transparent relations between partners, these concepts have resonated for centuries in the history of sugar manufacturers. Our industrial process has been perfected since Benjamin Delessert (1812) to maximize the yield of sugar extraction from beets, which has itself been greatly improved since the agronomist Olivier de Serres (1575). However, at iscal, we have realized for 3 years that a real framework around sustainability and a strategy were now necessary for us.

A CSR team was thus formally formed in 2021 with various iscal employees in order to address sustainability from all angles through their specific specialties. Led by Virginie Naessens (HRD) and Brieuc Vandeleene (Communication and CSR), this team has therefore begun to identify the many actions already taken and to be taken to make iscal better in the years to come.

Brieuc, Louis, Amandine, Gregory, Virginie and Philippe

A CSR process being, by definition, as transparent as possible, we quickly took the decision to produce our first report in 2022. Our intention is to publish it annually in order to be able to demonstrate our progress year after year. Happy reading!

By Brieuc


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