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Beet sugar

Granulated sugar is Iscal’s key product, and we produce about 200’000 tons of it per year, transforming more than one million tons of beet.

Our sugar is sold nearly exclusively to companies that use it in their production processes. Our sugar is found in biscuits, jams, candy or chocolate preparations, and is used extensively in many recipes.


Our sugar is available in seven different grain sizes, from extra fine to extra coarse. Each of these grain sizes is used for different applications. We also produce powdered sugar.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts to find out which grain size is best suited to your application. We are also able, upon request, to provide samples so that our clients can conduct tests in their production process.

Our sugar can be delivered in a variety of ways. Our smaller formats come in bags of 20, 25 and 50kg. The intermediate solution is in one-ton big bags. Finally, for larger volumes and companies that are able to handle them, we deliver our sugar in bulk, in tanker trucks.

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