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Safety Day 2022

At iscal, safety comes first. A few days before our campaign, we stopped everyone in their daily tasks to address a theme in all its aspects: burns.

Safety 3.0

An initiative launched by our safety coordinator, Hélène Goubet, in 2020, the safety day aims each year to anchor a safety culture a little more in our daily lives. This Friday, September 9, we have detailed as much as possible one of the greatest dangers in our factory, namely burns. Hot water, electricity, fire, hot surfaces, juice and syrup, there are too many opportunities to burn yourself on one of our sites.

Through 7 workshops led by experts from our staff, we have taken the time to present several risks and how to fight against them at iscal or outside our walls. Mechanic, engineer or accountant, everyone found their benefit and left a little better informed about how to avoid these dangers.

By Brieuc


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