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A new name at the head of iscal

Iscal welcomes Robert Torck, our new CEO, to lead us through the years to come and the many challenges we will face. With more than 20 years in the agro-industrial sector, Robert wishes to develop Iscal to reach its high potential by making us the best possible partner for our suppliers as well as our customers.

An industrial heritage

Originally from Deinze where his family owned the Torck factories, Robert has had a dazzling career. Starting his career at Unilever where he takes care of Lipton Ice Tea in 1982 he rapidly climbs the ladder and, with his already varied experience, he becomes CEO of Essity Belgium and France in 1993 then COO of BPost during the privatization of the Belgian national post office at the end of the 90’s.

In 2003, Robert starts working at Lorenz Bahlzen Snack-World, one of the main European producers in the snack market, as President of the French divisions. Going from national to international, he then becomes Managing Director of the entire group in Frankfurt (DE). Dealing on the one hand with natural products grown by farmers and on the other a huge factory and industrial customers therefore holds no secrets for him.

A long-term vision

Robert has set three goals for Iscal. First, our production tool must be optimized. Working hand in hand with the production team, the objective is to develop an investment plan for the next five years. On the side of our partners, Robert wants to work on both ends of the spectrum by making Iscal an excellent beet processor for farmers and the best sugar producer for our industrial customers. Finally, internally, we will work to develop the autonomy and skills of all our employees with continuous learning processes.

Hand in hand with our holding

Iscal is part of the Finasucre holding company (Brussels, BE) of which Jérôme Lippens is the CEO. Former CEO of Finasucre and Iscal, Jérôme will now be able to focus on the international group that is Finasucre while maintaining a close working relationship with Robert in an advisory role.

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