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Happy end of the year 2021

At the end of 2021, we have launched several extraordinary projects at iscal. The goal was to provide a great time for our teams and certain communities around us.

Viva for life

This is the third year that the RTBF action has returned to our region, to Tournai. Once again, we have decided to participate in this charitable action aimed at reducing child poverty in the French community of Belgium. We created three company-wide challenges that every team could participate in. With each participation, iscal pledged to donate € 100 to Viva for Life. The teams challenged each other and were able to raise € 2.100 for this great action.

Maison Espérance de Kain

On the other side of Tournai from Fontenoy is Kain and the ‘Maison Espérance’. This house welcomes different families and helps them get back into active life while they stabilize. We have organized two collections based on the goodwill of our teams. The first focused on this festive period and allowed us to collect many gifts that were at the foot of the Christmas tree of the House. The second, more long-term, enabled the Maison Espérance to equip the homework school that they organize for the children every afternoon.

Iscal gift package

Since last year, we have been organizing a distribution of gift packages made up of products containing iscal’s sugar. Our sugar is not marketed in B2C, sometimes making it difficult to explain to our families what we do. This initiative allows us both to please our teams and their families, but also to make our customers known to our teams and arouse their pride for these products in which they can find a little of their work.

By Brieuc


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