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Food heroes

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on our daily lives.

Learning from the first wave…

The first lockdown was imposed during our mini campaign. This helped us prepare for the second wave, which came in the middle of our campaign. Some measures were simply reactivated, while others were extended. 

Our administrative and agronomic staff quickly returned to total or partial teleworking, depending on their individual roles. In the factory, we had already installed new containers to create temporary offices, and we simply kept them in place. Our staff became accustomed to wearing masks at the beginning of the pandemic, and when the second wave struck, they were made mandatory throughout the site. 

… And doing even better!

During the first wave, we had bought fabric masks and emptied our stock of hydroalcoholic gel that we bought from our suppliers. This time, we opted for surgical masks, available in our stores, as these are more efficient.

In terms of hydroalcoholic gel, we used the raw materials we had available and relied on the skills of our laboratory team. We now produce our own gel and are completely independent from outside help.

This period was very difficult for all of use, and we are highly appreciative of our employees who were able to admirably rise to these challenges. We know we can count on these 170 Food Heroes every day, and thank them warmly!

By Brieuc


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